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Quality Control

Trust is good, control is better.
The basis of each individual spice and each spice mixture of the ENESGÜRZE are certified standards. This allows us to offer you quality products that meet your expectations quality, taste and safety.
In order to produce according to the food industry, we apply an efficient and good sophisticated HACCP and food safety concept. Quality doesn't just mean for us "Product Quality". It also means embedding quality throughout the operational process as well as in the organizational departments, in particular production, processing and service. none of the Products from ENES GEWÜRZE - herbs, raw spices, spice mixtures or special items - leaves without Quality control our house. We always select and source products of the highest quality that comply with EU directives. In the port of Hamburg, our imports are checked by the health department checked, tested (random checks) and analyzed.
However, not only the product quality, which is confirmed by analysis reports, is important. Our Quality requirements continue with the packaging. So our packaging corresponds to the EU directives. Our packaging processes follow strict guidelines, which end with a quality control are checked.


The Transport

Goods come, goods go.

We manage the last phase - shipping - with our large logistics fleet.

It is the claim of ENES GEWÜRZE that no customer has to wait long for the goods they have ordered. So organizes our professional logistics staff with expertise and experience for the fastest possible Shipping, by land, sea or air transport.

With care and prudence, we minimize the transport time and ensure delivery in perfect condition.